Five-Season Qigong

In the Nei Jing it states that "Happiness is when the Qi flows smoothly through the
 This is in the dual sense of flowing smoothly within the body, as well as through
the mind -- Qi from heaven flowing down through the body into the Earth, and Qi from
Earth flowing up through the body and into Heaven.  When the Qi flows smoothly
through the body there are no blockages, no stagnation, and everything is experienced
instantaneously and released, in a continuous flow of experiential awareness.  This is
the natural state, this is happiness.   The natural state occurs when one is in a state of
dynamic balance of Yin and Yang -- this is a coming together of Body, Heart-Mind and
Spirit, and Heaven & Earth.  In such a state deficiencies are continuously filled, and
excesses continuously carried off, and thus the individual retains their natural ability to
heal, to be whole.

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Five-Season Qigong