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Marc has instructed Body-Mind Wellness at:
    Bard College, Simon's Rock College, Vassar College, Omega Institute, Northern Dutchess Hospital, Memorial Sloan-
    Kettering Cancer Center's Alternative Health Center, Angel Hill Wellness Center, and  instructed/counseled in Private

We do not heal, cure, diagnose, prescribe treatment, nor treat illness.  This is not to be construed as legal advice.  We do
not teach combat arts, combat training, nor competitive anything.                              

For  Information:            e-Mail: marcbourdelle@yahoo.com
Our happiness, our sufferings, our anger, are all us.  
We  can learn to embrace all parts of ourselves--in the
spirit of non-duality.  We can learn not to turn
ourselves into a dualistic for/against battleground.  
We  can discover/learn that all parts of ourselves
share an inner positive intention at our core level.  We
can learn that our seemingly unacceptable aspects can
be accepted, and then creatively transformed into our
very best of allies.
Marc, a grandfather, has been married to
Stephanie Bourdelle, BFA, a grandmother (a
long-time photographer, gardener, techie,
craftswoman, builder) for 30+ years.
Marc (Teacher,  Farmer, and Actor) is a former
member of The West Coast Ensemble, The
Working Theater Company, Actors Equity
Association Union, [Actor's Equity], American
Federation of TV & Radio Artists Union
[AFTRA], and Laborers International Union.

Marc holds certifications in Ericsonian
Hypnotherapy, Clinical Hypnotherapy,
Transformational-Alchemical Hypnotherapy,
Sports Hypnosis, as an NLP Practitioner and
NLP Master Practitioner, and foundation
training in Tai Chi.  Some of the teachers Marc
has trained directly with are: Marilyn Fried,
Walter Lott, Alan Miller, John Lehne, Lee
Strasberg, Bobby Lewis, William Esper, Minor
White, Dr. Lawrence Hatterer, Dr. Svarna
Wilkens, Grandmother Doris Minckler [Morning
Dove], Maria Yraceburu, and Marc's mother,
Eva (professional music teacher, therapist and
musician, who believed passionately that
developing and protecting a child's imagination
was paramount).   

After developing his acting craft for over a
decade, Marc was invited into the Working
Theater Company, and then into The West
Coast Ensemble.  Sidelined later on by two
successive martial art injuries which halted his
acting career, Marc -- after having pursued
studies in Performing and Holistic Arts for
decades -- began counseling/teaching in


802 525 1234 (landline-telephone)