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Émile-Antoine Bourdelle
Self-Portrait (1908)
Self-Portrait Without Arms, Noble Burdens,
and the Léda prints

For a little background & history on grandfather,
Émile-Antoine Bourdelle, click on the E-A Bourdelle
button above left.  For background and photos
of the pieces by grandfather that are for sale (or sold),
click here to go
to the Details/Photos page .

Currently available, is a limited-edition (10 numbered, 2 recently
sold privately) of meticulously reproduced foundry-cast copies
from an original of grandfather's Auto-Portrait Sans Bras. (click
here to go to the Details/Photos page)
Émile-Antoine Bourdelle
Items for Sale or Sold
For Details/Photos of the
Bourdelle DA prints that are
for sale, click here