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Émile-Antoine Bourdelle
with Anatole France
Émile-Antoine Bourdelle
Émile-Antoine Bourdelle (1861-1929)

Bourdelle is best-known as a monumental sculptor who bridged from the
classical to the impressionist.  He worked in his youth with his father, a
cabinet-maker, at the foot of the Pyrenees mountains in Montauban.   When his
wood carving ability caught the attention of the influential Pouvillon, Bourdelle was
given a scholarship & packed off to the École de Beaux-Arts to study.  He worked
with Carpeaux, Dalou, and finally Rodin -- his lifelong friend who referred to
Bourdelle as the "Pathfinder of the future".

Musée Bourdelle, Paris
When the City of Paris founded the Musée Bourdelle in Bourdelle's former house
& studios in the Montparnasse region, it preserved a look at an artist's life in the
Paris of  1900.  The Musée Bourdelle also houses Bourdelle's astonishing
creative force -- almost 900 sculptures, many of them larger than life, and over
6000 paintings, drawings, prints, etc.  Anatole France said Bourdelle was "the
most illustrious Frenchman of his time."  Paris' Museum of Modern Art has
La France greeting visitors at the entryway.  His late daughter's estate
(Le Coudray in Egréville, south of Fontainebleau) is now open to the public and
has many of his large sculptures displayed at their best -- outdoors in the gardens.
Émile-Antoine Bourdelle's grand-daughter lives in America and is now offering a
limited, numbered edition of 10 copies made from an original of his bronze
Auto-Portrait Sans Bras  for sale.  The foundry studied the original and
reproduced the original's patina exactly.  The foundry owners, classically trained in
Italy, have been doing the Metropolitan Museum's castings for several decades.  
You can also see this statue at the Musée Bourdelle in Paris. Each meticulously
copied numbered bronze is being offered at $7,550 + S&H..
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