Photos for Sale
Many more of my photos will be uploaded at a later date. A sampling of a few of my
numerous photos & sketches are shown below.  All are copyrighted and may not
be reprinted or used without my authorized permission.

Photos of China ca. 1900
The copyrighted photos of China, ca. 1895-1901 (seen on various pages of our
websites), are property of Basil Magor estate & Stephanie Bourdelle.  Prints of the
Chinese photos may be purchased plain or matted, and some framed.  Many more
will be posted for viewing at a later date.

Sample Prices (dimensions vary, so the photo chosen will have greatest
measurement at 10"):

x" by 10"
plain                $50 each (specify regular B&W
Sepia-toned [$5 more])
x" by 10"
matted            Add $5   

For further details, go to
Contact Us and send me an e-mail.  Other sizes available.
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There are over 40 photos in this collection

B&W or Sepia Toned on Cream-colored Paper (contact me about prices for other sizes)
Photos of China are scanned from prints that were made in the field from glass negatives.
Color Photos -- custom printed (contact me re: prices for other sizes):

$85 for   8" x 10"
                                                                   $100 for 12" x 16"
                                                  $135 for 16" x 24"
                                                                   $200 for 20" x 36"

approx 8.5" x 11" on heavy stock    $25
               Add $15 for Matting
If signature wanted -- say where

Originals available -- inquire for prices
Photos & Sketches for Sale
Chip and Buddha in Contemplation
"Gimpy"  (Lower Matecumbe, FL)
"Rock of Ages"
Granite Quarries,
Barre, VT (1974)
Architectural Photos for online marketing to sell your house -- let me capture details of
your house & grounds in their best light so you can really draw buyers.  See more house-selling photos at my
Rhinebeck House & Pix web pages (click here or use "Rhinebeck" button above)