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Woman's Vietnamese Heavy Cotton Long Tunic/Coat  (ca. 1960)
      $161.00 + S & H +Insurance
eBay Items:  Lucite Jaguar Head &
Vietnamese Woman's Heavy Cotton Tunic
Pierre Bourdelle (1901-1966) was the only son of the world-renowned monumental sculptor --
Emile-Antoine Bourdelle.  He came to America to make a name for himself as an artist -- away from the tall
shadow of his father.  All his life Pierre had an affinity for cats -- large, small, wild, pedigreed, dog-eared --
they all had a place in his heart and on his lap.  I have photos of Pierre carving one of his linoleum murals on
the floor, with a cat playing on the panel as he carved.  Jaguars and Panthers figure prominently in
numerous murals and sculptures of his.  

This small jaguar was an experiment in carving lucite/plexiglass -- he had done a life-size Plexiglas Panther
head and would come back with his arms all scratched up from the glass-like shards flying off from the
power tools.  The small lucite jaguar proved to be a more manageable size for working with the glass-like
properties.  Once it was polished up it was silky smooth and clear.  

This head is not actually attached to the base pictured -- it is merely resting on it.  Should you wish to have it
attached to this base, let me know.  If you intend to  have it attached to something else, tell me and I will
leave it unattached.  At one point this jaguar head was secured to the stick shift of a sports car -- it rested
beautifully in the palm for shifting -- a strikingly original car adornment.  This also would be elegant on a
walking stick.  

3 7/8" H x 2" W x 2 1/4" D       Weight:  9 oz.     $575.00 + Insurance + S&H
Carved Lucite Jaguar (ca. 1956),
by Pierre Bourdelle (1901-1966)
Woman's Vietnamese Long, Heavy Cotton, Black/Indigo Tunic/Coat with Tapestry Panels,
Bead Trim & Fringe (ca. 1960)

This open-necked, collarless tunic was handed down to me from a friend who said this was from a region in North Vietnam.  I
used to love wearing it with white free-flowing pants and a white blouse.  Now it's time for someone else to wear it, or hang it on
the wall decoratively.  The materials are in good condition.  Due to the original hand construction it does not hang evenly and --
if intended for a wall mount -- requires hidden adjustments .  When worn, it hangs well on the body.

The traditional ai dao (long coat/dress) of most regions of Vietnam is often made of silk, with a mandarin (stand-up) collar, and
side-buttoning.  This tunic is unusual in that it is collarless, heavy cotton, and minimal front closure (a pair of 'strings').  The
front panels of this Kimono-style tunic are open to the waist -- the back panels are joined.  Its actual age is unknown and may
be older than 45 years.

Length in back from neck to bottom edge is 3'10"
Sleeve length
from approx. shoulder point to bottom of sleeve  24"
Fits a Size 10/11