In Vermont's Northeast Kingdom

Here, at Mount Harmony Farm, we are currently building on the bones of our
beautiful old 10-plus-acres farm which has never had chemical fertilizers.    We are
growing organic produce and herbs, and hardy heritage perennials (including
species Daylilies).  We have a great variety of healthy wildlife and birds here, as
well as our beloved Mammoth Jack Donkey (people often think she is a Moose)
Clair (as in
Oh! Clair de la Lune [sic]), a very old large draft Mule who is bossed
about by our Hafflinger, and some Guinea Hens to help with organic pest control.

Also located
within Mt. Harmony Farm, is the Creative Arts Center offerings,
as well as our fine arts products through
Grandfathers' Hands.

Grandfathers' Hands
is expanding and will be featuring items created by
Stephanie Bourdelle.  I am a 4th-generation artist, great-grand-daughter of the
gifted wood-carver & cabinet-maker Antoine
Bordelles (& his weaver wife, Emilie
Reille), the grand-daughter of the renowned monumental French sculptor
Emile-Antoine Bourdelle (disciple of Rodin), [the main Musée' Bourdelle is in the
Montparnasse section of Paris).  I am also the daughter of the acclaimed
Pierre Bourdelle.  The things created with my hands are
through the hands of my ancestors -- hence the name
Grandfathers' Hands.  A
partial list of products being offered for sale soon (a few are available now) are:
Wire Sculptures, one-of-a-kind Dream Catchers (12"-24"), Photos, Cards, Garden
Sculptures, Gargoyles, Art Tee Shirts and very feminine Sweat Shirts.
at Mount Harmony Farm
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