Mount Harmony Farm
Guest House
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"Mt. Harmony Farm is the perfect name for this place: from the moment
we arrived we were wrapped in its blanket of peace and harmony.  The
cabin has fabulous views, a great ambiance, and a wood stove to die for.  

We spent a day snowed in and loved it, and then three more touring the
Northeast Kingdom.  It was heaven.  And we can't wait to come back and
spend even more time with the views, the critters and the wonderful

Thank you, Marc &
Stephanie, for the
gift of Mount
Harmony Farm."

Cynthi and Natalie
Inner Spring Mattress Futon Couch Bed, HDTV+Blu-ray DVD, WiFi, Pellet Stove
Some of our batch of 1200
planted garlic cloves (mostly
golf ball-sized)
Lady pushing fence down to get
at 'grass greener on the other side'
Boo Boo
Below: Near-private State Park down the hill.  
Hiking, swimming, wading, fishing, 2 ponds, a
scenic outlook (worth the steep hike), and
more.  I will take you on the trails the first time.
Full Bed, TV & 1/2 Bathroom
Plush King Bed,
HDTV+DVD, Bathroom
Kitchen Nook, Captain's Bed
Dining Area, Kitchen Island &
Wood Stove